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Raxo's Swing Trader Bot +10-20% per Month


Only LIMITED copies will be sold!

* This is a Swing Trader Bot
* It uses Market type orders: SELL/BUY
* 15 minutes OHLC periods (900 sec.)
* Trading on BTC/USDT pair
* Bot version: CellBot v19Result tested on: 2020 Jan. 1. - feb. 31:
39% Profit
23 Closed Trades
19 Winning Trades
4 Losing Trades

The bot is ready to work with one click.
You will need:

* 1 CellBot license
* Some BTC on your Binance account
The Bot calculates everything automatically!

Price: 0.03 BTC

Write me an email for pruchase and I will provide you my btc address:
raxo @ protonmail com

The bot will be sent back to your email within a few hours!

It will be ready to work. You only need to click Start!

Sales approved!


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